How to properly clean a bathtub

Bathtub CleaningTaking a hot bathtub is the ideal way to rest and relax after a long day filled with problems and conundrums. But bathtubs just like all household appliances require regular and meticulous cleaning because they tend to accumulate harmful particles such as dust, stains, germs and so on.

You must begin your bathtub cleaning routine by pre-rinsing the tub. You must do so because sand and hair can cause problems during the cleaning and even worse can scratch and the bathtub’s surface. For the pre-rising of the tub use the tub’s shower head. If you have removed the shower head then simply fill a bucket with fresh water and pour the water around and in the bathtub.

Check to see whether your bathroom cleaning solution is applicable for the surface of your bathtub. Keep in mind that some cleaning solutions may harm the surface of your bathtub so don’t take any unnecessary risks if your bathroom cleaner isn’t applicable. Instead head to your local supermarket and get a specialized bathtub cleaning detergent that won’t warm your tub or check out some of the manycleaning companies available in your area. Next apply the cleanser liberally all over your tub, and concentrate on any noticeable spots and stains.

Bathtub CleaningOnce you have sprinkled the bathtub cleanser on your tub, allow it to sit for a period of ten minutes. It is very important that you allow the cleanser to sit, because it will not only remove any sport and stains but it will allow disinfect your bathtub from any germs and bacteria. Now scrub your bathtub with the aid of a rag, sponge of soft towel. Also turn extra attention to the areas around the drain and faucet as they tend to accumulate the most harmful particles.

When you are done scrubbing check the bathtub to see whether the spots and stains that you had noticed are gone. If the spots and stains are still there, repeat the entire process but this time add more bathtub cleanser over the problematic areas. Once all spots and stains are gone, rinse your bathtub to remove all residues from your bathtub cleaning solution.

Now that your bathtub is crystal clean you can fill it with warm water and take a long and well deserved hot tub that will not only relax your body but your mind as well. Once you are done taking your hot tub, simply rinse the tub to remove all traces of hair and dead skin.