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5 Things you shouldn’t clean with a Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser is very useful but you need to use it properly. It can make cleaning fast and easy but it’s not for everything. There are some things you should never clean with a Magic Eraser otherwise you might ruin them.
Made from melamine foam, they act like sandpaper. They do wonders for cleaning stubborn stains but can easily scratch certain surfaces and remove protective finished. I will share below a list of five things you shouldn’t clean with a Magic Eraser.

  • Carpets

    Magic Eraser will have no power here, instead call a cleaning company, like this one.

  • Non-stick Cookware

The non-stick coating of your cookware can be easily scratched since it’s so delicate so a Magic Eraser won’t any good. If a non-stick pan is scratched, the chemicals of the coating can get absorbed in your food while cooking which you definitely don’t want. You can hand wash it using a soft sponge and dish soap instead. If the stain is really stubborn use a bit of baking soda which will loosen the stain.

  • Stainless Steel

Most likely using a Magic Eraser on Stainless Steel will leave scratches on the surface. If you want to protect the shiny finish for as long as possible you should use detergent and a soft sponge that is wet.

  • Screens

Screens are very delicate and need to be cleaned with care and attention. So definitely the Magic Eraser will harm them.

  • Your Car

The paint of your car is covered in a protective coating or wax. What the Magic Eraser will do is remove this protective layer and will scratch the surface. You can use it to remove bugs from the front end of your car but be very careful and use very little force.

Some helpful tips for using Magic Eraser

  • Don’t use them dry

Wetting them will soften their sponge which will make them less likely to work.

  • Do a spot test

Do a spot test to see the result and if there is damage before you continue.

  • Wear gloves

It is possible that the Magic Eraser can aggravate your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

  • Be gentle

When rubbing be as gentle as possible. When applying too much pressure it can scratch the surface.