Thinking of starting a carpet cleaning business

carpet cleaningRecent statistics coming out of the professional carpet cleaning industry have indicated a notable growth in interest toward professional carpet cleaning services. This is attributed to an increase in carpet purchases and installations across UK and US. Industry analysts say this has prompted many entrepreneurs to set up their own carpet cleaning company like for example. Taking advantage of spikes and rises in customer needs and cleaning service availability is exactly what upcoming cleaning service providers are looking for. However, in order for a newly set up company to have a realistic chance of good establishment and success, owners and managers must account for a number of important factors. First and foremost, the company and its staff must have the necessary practical skills.

Professional carpet cleaning is a skill, and like any other skill it must be learnt properly. In light of this, professional cleaners must be trained effectively – the importance of work training and skill build up shouldn’t be overlooked by owners and managers. Next up – legitimacy, in all cases, the new cleaning company must be fully licensed, registered and insured. This is very important to potential customers looking for a reliable cleaning service. Initially, owners might opt for a basic, sole proprietorship entity and when the business picks up and grows they may change to a different type of entity. Next stage is equipment and products.

The professional (carpet) cleaning industry is growing greener and more sustainable thus moving away from chemical using, water intensive cleaning methods, in favour of efficient, waste-free, nontoxic cleaning systems. Newly set up cleaning companies should purchase or lease equipment that will grow with the industry so to say. Moving on to finding and securing a niche – the cleaning industry is segmented into niches. New service providers must choose and penetrate a specific niche – whether that is commercial carpet cleaning, residential etc. Niche specification will allow for better customer targeting and meeting customer requirements in full.

Last but not least – web presence. Web presence (advertising online) is essential for the success of a modern day cleaning company. Owners shouldn’t shy away from any (positive) online exposure – the more people see your name, the more interest you will provoke, especially when everything is compiled into a straightforward, spot-hitting ad campaign. A search engine optimised website is quintessential part of the positive online presence of any cleaning company. Low cost websites can be very beneficial in establishing the company presence online.

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